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Some women who served in the Navy don’t believe the term “Midshipmen” applies to females.( Stars and Stripes)

The U.S. Navy is looking for a few good names without “men” in them.

As part of the move to integrate women in all roles of the military, Navy Secretary Ray Mabus has announced plans to stimulate titles and descriptions gender neutral. That sets the time-honored name “Midshipman” squarely on the radar.

A review of the seafaring branch’s titles already underway will “ensure they were representative of all sailors and did not discriminate based on gender, ” the Navy said in a statement.

“The United States Navy and Marine Corps have too many real foes to defeat and deter. The Secretary of the Navy should have better things to do than adding the English speech to the list.”

– Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz ., and retired Navy captain

Chief of Naval Operations John Richardson was ordered to look at ratings that referenced ‘man’ in the title, which includes more than 20 Navy tasks. Richardson, in turn, enlisted Mike Stevens, master chief petty officer of the Navy, to take the helm.

Stevens is now putting together a working group that will “canvass the fleet, talk with sailors to hear their thinks, and provide recommendations based on feedback.” A report detailing which titles should change is due to Mabus by April 1.

“This is an opportunity for us to take a look at our rates to see if their names and titles best represent the Sailors and the description of their jobs, just as we have done many times in the past, ” Stevens said in a Jan. 13 statement. There have been more than 700 rate name changes since the Navy’s beginning, acccording to the Capital Gazette newspaper.

But not everyone is espousing the change, including Arizona senator and former Republican presidential nominee John McCain, who retired from the Navy as a captain in 1981.

The United States Navy and Marine Corps have too many real adversaries to defeat and deter, ” McCain told FoxNews.com on Wednesday.

“The Secretary of the Navy should have better things to do than adding the English speech to the list, ” he said.

The rank of “midshipman” dates back to the 1600 s, long before the Naval academy in Annapolis opened its doorways in 1845.

KT McFarland, a Fox News contributor who served in national security posts in the Nixon, Ford and Reagan administrations, called the move for change “offensive.”

McFarland argued that changing titles “wipes away decades, and in some cases centuries, of tradition and belittles the current holder of that position.”

Others said the move is warranted, especially as the U.S. military greets women into previously shut positions.

Kyleanne Hunter, a former Marine Corps pilot and founder of the Think Broader Foundation, “ve called the” move to change titles “symbolic” and one that “has a very impactful meaning.”

“I think that sometimes recognizing that traditions need to be changed is a positive step forward for everyone, ” Hunter told FoxNews.com.

“The formal obstacles for women have been removed. However, changing the language is a final step to removing the informal roadblocks that still exist, ” she said.

“When you have ‘men’ or ‘man’ attached to titles — whether its midshipman or infantryman — it creates a mental picture that that job can only be done by a human, ” argued Hunter. “When youre on the all-inclusive side of a tradition, its very hard to see the other side. Not merely did I have to fight to do the actual undertaking, in addition I had to constantly fight against the bias I didnt belong there.”

“This is really a win-win for everybody, ” said Hunter, who indicated replacing “midshipman” with “midshipmate.”

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‘American Pickers” top 11 automotive picks

To be Frank( and Mike ), it has to be both stressful and fun negotiating bargains on American Pickers, especially when a vehicle is involved. But since theyre spending their money , not ours, its all fun on this side of the Tv screen.

So whenever Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz roll out one of their automotive-related Best of proves, were glued to the History Channel. Much to our pleasure, American Pickers recent Top Cars episode gave us a bakers dozen of sorts, naming the shows top 11 automobile pickings. Mike and Frank didnt land all of the sweet rides that were featured, but their winning percentage was solid. Lets look at their pickings 😛 TAGEND 1960 Cadillac Fleetwood Found in New Jersey, the fully optioned Fleetwood was purchased for $9,500 and shipped for another $500. Considering the Caddy is valued at more than $14,000, the Iowa duo definitely scored. 1967 Ford Fairlane 390 GT Mike found another winner in an Illinois garage. The high-performance four-speed Fairlane wore original paint and carried a largely original engine( it had 428 headers, adding about 25 horsepower ). The Fairlane was purchased for $ 7,000 and involved an additional $4,000 in repairs and shipping, and the pair still came out $3,000 ahead. 1933 Ford Coupe Its difficult to say who got the better end of this deal since Mike bought the 33 Ford in California with the intention of maintaining it for himself. The rusty, five-window coupe featured a lowered front end, an early flathead engine, and 34 grille. Price tag: $16,000. George Barris Batmobile The Batmobile was the first car on this list that the sons didnt go home with. Still, they got to meet the King of Kustomizers and sit in Batmans famous ride. Better yet, they eventually made a bargain to acquire another Barris creation, a coffin vehicle that he and his son built in the spirit of the Dragula car from the old Munsters TV show. Frank paid $5,000 for it and calculated its value at $10,000. Thats a win-win. Mickey Rooneys movie cycle car Mike and Frank visited the Pioneer Auto Museum in South Dakota and left with a motorcycle car that Mickey Rooney drove in the 1949 movie The Big wheel. The custom cycle automobile, powered by an I-4 series Indian engine, cost Mike $ 13,000. He didnt estimate its potential value nor hesitate to take it for a spin right then and there. 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air This California car was all Frank. He immediately fell in love with the 50 s icon, despite what he called its peanut motor. Bought for $21,500 and shipped for $1,000, Frank valued the custom beauty at $26,500. We hope he resisted the recommend to flip it. 1950s BMW Isetta 300 Mike paid Isetta owners Al and Deb $ 13,000 for their little BMW, which equates to about $16.37 per pound. Since Mike estimated the microcars value at $18,000, were glad he took it for a joy drive since he probably didnt own it for long. Ford Bronco U-1 3 Roadster It doesnt get much better than the well-maintained, all-original early Bronco that the Pickers found in southern Indiana. Complete with soft top and doorways, and merely 29,000 miles on the clock, the Bronco cost Mike $ 30,000 plus $ 1,000 shipping. Valued at $36,000, it was well worth it. Custom Rocket car Mike and Frank admired an amazing artist-built rocket car in California, but priced at $50,000 it was well out of their cost range. The duo didnt go home empty handed, however. They struck a deal for a hand-built wooden vehicle that looked like a pedal car but wasnt. On the bright side, it only expensed $250, and it fit in the van. 1937 Cord Convertible The all-original Cord came with an onboard microphone and loud speakers because it was used to disseminate information to the public in New York during World War II. Super cool, yes, but when the owner threw out a $150,000 price tag, the sons answer didnt require an amplifier: Thanks, but no thanks. 1947 Cisitalia Nuvolari Spyder A stunning vehicle and an even more stunning outcome. Dr. Fred Simeone, from the Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum in Philadelphia, asked Mike and Frank to travel to Italy and negotiate a bargain for a Cisitalia Nuvolari Spyder that vied in the 1947 Mille Miglia. But after the two travelled 5,000 miles to check it out and make an offer, the Cisitalias owner decided not to sell the car. Mike called it the worst possible scenario. Not wanting to leave Italy empty handed, the boys bought a Zundapp RS 750 motorcycle with sidecar for $10,500, then speedily procured a U.S. buyer for $18,000. Alls well that objective well.

Nissan’s autonomous minivan will go on sale in Japan in August

Nissan said that the new Serena, scheduled to go on sale in Japan in late August, will come equipped with the company’s ProPILOT autonomous drive technology .
Image: Nissan

Nissan’s big pushing to offer 10 autonomous models in dealerships by 2020 are formally begun.

Nissan announced that it will sell its first car with autonomous tech onboard, the Serena minivan, to Japanese customers starting in August.

The Serena debuts the brand’s autonomous driving system called ProPILOT. It can drive autonomously in a single lane on the superhighway, controlling throttle, brake and steering. As Nissan sets it, this eases “driver workload in heavy freeway traffic and long commutes.”

This compares to semi-autonomous driving systems currently offered in the U.S ., which fall into the Level 2 range of independence like Mercedes’ Drive Pilot and Tesla Autopilot. That entails, unlike with the Tesla Autopilot system, drivers of the Nissan Serena can safely remove their hands from the steering wheel without endangering safety.

By comparison to the beta-tested Autopilot, which can be operated virtually willy nilly, ProPILOT’s operation is limited to a single lane on a freeway( detected by GPS) and to speeds between 30 kilometers per hour( 18 miles per hour) and 100 kph( 62 mph ).

In 2018, Nissan will unveil an even more robust version of ProPILOT that can automatically change lanes on freeways. Nissan says it will implement a system that can operate fully autonomously in urban environments by 2020.

Update 10:45 AM ET: We changed “self-driving” to “autonomous” to better clarify the ProPILOT system. Furthermore, we also removed a mention that the system would allow drivers to fully disengage from driving . Have something to add to this story? Share it in the comments .

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