Ausa: New Tanks, Stealth Chevy Trucks, Flying Radios And More

Chevrolet Colorado ZH2( General Motor ).

The U.S. Army converged on Washington D.C. for the Association of the United States Army( AUSA) Annual Meeting at the Washington Convention Center that kicked off Monday.

More than 25,000 people from around the world have attended the event in recent years.

Every year there is an important series of briefings and sessions and the event is an invaluable opportunity for Army folks to connect and catch up. But there is also a mammoth exhibition floor where companies from all over the world pitch up to showcase their latest and greatest tech for land combat. And it is always a hotly contested terrain where the companies compete for the time and interest of Army leadership and decision-makers.

Alongside the U.S ., representatives hailing from the armies of more than 70 countries strolled and window-shopped during the course of its three-day event. Everything from tanks, light tactical vehicles and helicopters through to body armor, grenade launchers and new machine guns was on offer.

There were a number of big exposes, including a new tank, a modified Chevy truck designed for special operations and a flying radio.

The Griffin

General Dynamics unveiled its new conception for a new army sun tank that weighs in at about 28 tons. The demonstrator dominated in that tank kind of way and was one of the big reveals.

Dubbed the Griffin, the medium-weight tracked vehicle demonstrator blends elements of the M1A1/ M1A2 Abrams with the companys Ajax Scout Specialist Vehicle. Elements from the Abrams include the main combat tank turret and 120 mm gun although this version of the turret is designed to be lighter. From the Ajax, the Griffin incorporates the AJAX chassis and power pack.


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