Lady Gaga honours Black Lives Matter at Clinton’s midnight rally

Lady Gaga steps up to address supporters at a midnight rally for Hillary Clinton in North Carolina.
Image: AP Photo/Gerry Broome

Lady Gaga really knows how to rev up a crowd.

Dressed dramatically in an all-black Michael Jackson-esque number, Lady Gaga performed at a midnight rally on Monday in Raleigh, North Carolina to rouse support for the Hillary Clinton campaign and pledge solidarity with the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

“We want you to stand up. Be a part of history. What I’m asking you is to be in this moment right now, with us, and fight for your future and the future of our children,” Gaga told the crowd.

Gaga then referenced the Black Lives Matter movement and sang “Angel Down” from her recent album Joanne a song written in tribute to Trayvon Martin.

She told Beats 1 the song is a response to “the epidemic of young African Americans being murdered in this country.”

Lyrics include the lines “Shots were fired on the street / By the church where we used to meet / Angel down, angel down / But the people just stood around.”

Even Bon Jovi got in on the action, joining Gaga on stage as they both sang an acoustic version of “Living On A Prayer.”

Fun fact: Gaga’s outfit appears to be the exact black military jacket Jackson wore to the White House in a meeting with former U.S. president George Bush Sr. all the way back in 1990.

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Lou Reed’s Walk on the Wild Side: what became of Candy, Little Joe and co?

Holly Woodlawn, the transgender superstar namechecked in the classic hymn to Warhols New York, died at the weekend but she outlived most of her contemporaries

Holly, who came from Miami, FLA hitchhiked her way across the USA died this weekend, aged 69, suffering from brain and liver cancer. Holly Woodlawn had been one of Andy Warhols superstars, one of the first transgender celebrities, and a character who was literally straight out of a Lou Reed song. Alongside Candy, Little Joe, Sugar Plum Fairy and Jackie, she was one of the principals of Walk on the Wild Side, Reeds hymn to New York and the Warhol underground. In her later years, Woodlawn had undergone something of a revival, appearing on screen again and performing on stage. But what happened to the others?


Candy Darling never lost her head even when she was giving head, Reed sang. Hed sung about her before she was the Candy who said Ive come to hate my body / And all that it requires in this life on the third Velvet Underground album in 1968. Reed had feared the reaction of his characters to Walk on the Wild Side, but, he later recalled: Candy Darling told me hed memorised all the songs and wanted to make a Candy Darling Sings Lou Reed album. It probably wouldnt sell more than a hundred copies! Darling, too, was a transgender Warhol superstar, appearing in Flesh (1968) and Women in Revolt (1971). There were other films, too but it was a brief career. Darling died of lymphoma, aged 29, in 1974.

Little Joe

Joe Dallesandro never once gave it away / Everyone had to pay and pay perhaps because he was famed as the great sex symbol of American underground film and gay culture (he is actually bisexual, and has been married three times, fathering three children). A teenage delinquent, he ran away from a rehabilitation centre and found his way to the Warhol set via nude modelling and homoerotic short films. Unlike Reeds other characters, he crossed over to the mainstream, becoming a magazine cover star and acting in the kind of films that get shown in multiplexes. His greatest presence in popular culture these days comes from two photos his crotch on the cover of the Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers, and his head and torso on the cover of the Smiths first album. Dallesandro, now 66, lives in Los Angeles.

Sugar Plum Fairy

Joe Campbell who came and hit the streets. Lookin for soul food and a place to eat has the oddest story, albeit by association, of any of the songs characters. The name comes from the role he played in Warhols 1965 film My Hustler, but his strange associations have nothing to do with Warhol. In 1955, he entered into a love affair with an older man, with whom he lived for seven years that older man, Harvey Milk, would later find fame as the highest profile gay politician in the US. His late 60s boyfriend, Billy Sipple, became famous in September 1975, when he thwarted Sara Jane Moores attempt to shoot Gerald Ford. Campbell himself died at home in California in 2005, after 29 years of a relationship with Stanley Jensen.


Jackie Curtis was the one just speeding away / Thought she was James Dean for a day. She sometimes performed as a woman, sometimes as a man, and her glitter-and-lipstick style was claimed to have been an inspiration to the glam-rock look. She wrote musicals and poetry, and sang and her 1967 play Glory, Glamour and Gold gave Robert de Niro his first stage role. Craig Highberger, who made the documentary Superstar in a Housedress about her, recalled Curtis bringing home a sailor one night. His lipstick was smeared all over the sailors mouth and neck. We deposited him on the sofa and Curtis came to the kitchen with me to get some beers and whispered, Craig, he thinks Im a real girl, what am I going to do when he finds out Im not? Curtis died of a heroin overdose in 1985, aged 38.

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The day Taylor Swift held my hand for a photo shoot

Its summertime, New York City, 2014 and a starstruck reporter interviews the charismatic singer at a restaurant. Then its time to go

On a Tuesday afternoon three years ago, I entered a Manhattan restaurant where I had been told Taylor Swift would be, waiting to be interviewed. It seemed astounding that there she was indeed: an outrageously famous person occupying a human-woman amount of space as she talked, texted, eat salad and, finally, introduced me to the art of the selfie.

A selfie with Taylor had been a firm order from my editor. Id never taken a selfie before and Id surely never asked a celebrity for one. Like Leonardo da Vinci teaching their own lives describing class or Michael Jackson helping you moonwalk, it struck me as a tomb and absurd sort of privilege that it was Taylor Swift who taught me how.( As everyone under the age of 30 knows, you hold the phone above you at arms length, for the most flattering angle .)

I believed this blurry, if carefully angled picture of our faces was it for photo ops. But as we stood up to leave, it was clear something alarming had happened. A kind of mouth had formed outside, a mob of hunched figures in black pointing cameras at the door that would eject a superstar. And with her, me.

Taylor I suppose we were now on post-selfie first-name terms must have considered my terror. She asked in a droll and gentle way if I was ready for a photo shoot then took my hand securely and out we strode. Cameras flashed, voices rose and, like the Red Sea parting, the crowd shifted to allow her into the waiting Suburban. And then I was on my own, strolling towards the subway feeling dizzy.

Relatives friends daughters sent Facebook messages breathless with exclamation marks. Photograph: Buzz Foto/ Rex/ Shutterstock

The next day there were shots of us us! on the internet. In them Im clutching a tote bag from the Marxist publishing house Verso. It reads Philosophy for Militants, the title of a volume by the French philosopher Alain Badiou.( Not sure if Taylors read it .) Left-leaning conspiracy theorists leapt to expound on Red , Swifts monolithic pop album-cum-Communist directive. Elsewhere, teenage girls confidently asserted I was her girlfriend. Of all the possible untruths about me that could metastasise online, being romantically shall include participation in Taylor Swift was, I confessed, one I could let slide. There followed a general assumption that, if not Taylor Swifts actual devotee, I was nonetheless friends with her, or had access to her. Relatives friends daughters sent Facebook messages breathless with exclamation marks and almost painful with want. When I got married a month later I lost track of the number of wedding guests who asked whether Tay was attending.

I began to wonder if, in my post-Taylor life, I would now frustrate everyone. That wasnt very Swiftian reasoning though, was it? I duly tried to shake it off, shake it off. Sometimes though, Ill sit down on the metro next to a woman listening to 1989 , glance at her tiny screen and privately whisper to myself, she doesnt know I held her hand.

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30 Rare Photographs From History You’ve Probably Never Seen Before

It’s sad to think that so many pivotal moments in history have gone on and there’s no chance of us ever insuring them for what they actually were. We have paintings and eye witnesses but do they really compare to the real thing ?

We can only imagine what the combat of Hastings was like. How it actually felt to walk through Rome during their empire.

With the addition of photography into national societies, we are able to get a glimpse into life’s major event- but it still merely scratches the surface of history.

1. Gadget- The first Atomic bomb

2. Baby gas masks being tested in an English hospital, 1940

3. German Banknotes being used as wallpaper during 1923 hyper-inflation

4. The Beatles play for 18 people in the Aldershot Club, 1961. They became hotshots one and a half years later .

5. Samuel Reshevsky, 8, beating several chess masters at once in France, 1920

6. A young Winston Churchill, 1895

7. The Cologne Cathedral remains amidst the city after an allied bombing in 1944

8. A German communist being executed in 1919

9. Illegal picture taken inside the Supreme Court. A man faked a broken limb to conceal a camera in his cast .

10. General George S. Pattons dog on the day ofPattons demise on December 21 st 1945

11. Painting the Eiffel Tower, 1932

12. Einstein’s desk the day after his death, 1955

13. Franz Ferdinand and his wife the day of their assassination, 1914

14. German soldiers and their mule during WWI, 1916.

15. Henry Ford obtaining the Grand cross of the German Eagle from Nazi Officials, 1938

16. Grotto In An Iceberg, During The British Antarctic Expedition, 1911.

17.17 -year-oldOtoya Yamaguchi assassinates socialist politicianlnejiro Asanuma in Tokyo .

18. The first painting taking into consideration Machu Picchu upon its discovery, 1912.

19. Testin of the German Messerschmitt Bl 109 E3, 1940

20. Underwater detonation of 15 kiloton atomic weapon .

21. Three humen compete in a marathon in the first Olympic games, 1896

22. SS auxiliaries pose at aresort for Auschwitz personnels, 1942

23. Philippines politician, Reynaldo Dagsa, photographs his own assassination .

24. US aircraft sinks Japanese aircraft off the coast of China, 1945

25. Control room of a German submarine, 1918.

26. Nikola Tesla in his lab sitting behind hisMagnifying Transmitter

27. The last known scene taken of the Titanic before it sank

28. Turkish official pestering starving Armenian children with food during the course of its Armenian genocide, 1915

29. The Unbroken Seal On Tutankhamuns Tomb, 1922( 3,245 Years Untouched )

30. The V1 flying bomb plunging towards central London, 1945

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These 13 Unexplained Photographs From History Are Seriously Weird

A image tells a thousand terms, apparently. But what if the picture needs more than a thousand terms worth of explain? Too bad. You merely get a thousand .

Pictures like these, for example, require at least a thousand-and-fifty terms as they are some of the most controversial andinexplicable photographs of all time…

1. The Battle of Los Angeles

Published in the Los Angeles Times on February 26, 1942, this photo is think by some to be proof of extraterrestrial affairs on Earth. It indicates numerous searchlights searching for the same thing.

Just three months after America joined WW2( after Pearl Harbour ), over1, 400 shells from anti-aircraft handguns were fired at the mystery, round, pale orange ball of light as it moved mutely through the sky, unaffected. People dismissed it as “war nerves” but, to this day , no one has a valid explanation.

2. The Black Knight Satellite

Taken by U.S. astronauts on a mission to the International Space Station in 1998, the Black Knight Satellite has been mystifying people for decades.Nikola Tesla apparently picked up repeating radio signals off of it in 1899, strange radio signals have been reported coming from it in 1930 and, in 1954, a retired Naval Officer told newspapers that the U.S. government had been aware or the satellite orbiting Earth for some time- this was before there were any man-made satellites.

It soon picked up serious media attention as both the U.S. and the Soviet Union believed one another to have owned it. Still today , no one( who’s telling anyone) has any notion what it is.

3. The Cooper Family unwanted dinner guest

In the 1950 s, the Cooper family moved into their new house in Texas. To mark the occasion, they decided to have a scene taken celebrating( albeit tamely ). When they had the photo developed, the latter are shocked to see a body hanging from the ceiling( as there was no body in the house ).

Some believe that there was an issue in the printing process -splicing two pictures accidentally- whilst others genuinely believe that this is documentation of a haunting … of course some think it was a hoax or, as an incredible doubled bluff, an actual dead body.

4. The ghost of Freddie Jackson

Royal Air Force Air Marshal Sir Victor Goddard released this photo from 1919 of his squadron on the occasion of the air mechanic Freddie Jackson’s funeral.

Freddie died when he walked into an air-plane propeller but, after looking at this photo, the squadron instantly recognised the face that appears behind “the mens” at the back row, fourth from the left’s head as his.

Some set this down to double-exposure but “Freddie” isn’t wearing a hat like the rest…

5. The ghost of Hampton Court Palace

In 2003, the fire alarms at Hampton Court Palace went off as a fire escape has been opened. When security officers went to investigate said doorway, they ensure that it was closed and there was no sign of anyone having been there.

However, when they checked the CCTV footage, they saw something no one could explain. The doors seemed to fly open on their own admission with no one around but, shortly afterwards, a hooded figure( nicknamed Skeletor) strolled from the building into the doorway and closed the doors.

6. The Hook Island Sea Monster

In 1964, Robert Le Serrec and his family bought a boat and went onholiday for a few months on Hook Island in Stonehaven Bay, Queensland, Australia. thy were floating around( as you might) when they noticed something that resembled a huge snake in the water. They estimated it was 30 feet long but, as they edged closer, it constructed no attempts to advance on them.

With this in mind, Robert got into the water( imbecile) and moved closer. He chose to inspect it underwater where he realised it was far bigger than he had previously imagined. That’s when it opened its mouth and started moving which led Robert the cowardly lion to run( swim) back to his boat.

When he got back, he saw that the animal had gone…

Just a side note, when an octopus or squid or whatever inks, is it like that or not nearly as much? Cheers.

7. The McMinnville UFO

Back on 11 th of May, 1950, Evelyn Trent saw something from her’s and her husband’s farm , not far fromMcMinnville, Oregon. She called her husband, Paul, who rapidly got his camera to document the UFO.

This picture was picked up by the local paper before Life Magazine got a hold of it and attained the photo famous. Since then, photography experts have confirmed the picture’s legality, stating that whatever is in the picture, was there when it was taken and nothing was added in later.

Even so , no one knows what the photograph is actually of. An extraterrestrial craft, a government experimentation, a plate? Your guess is ad good as mine … my guess is Superman … your guess is probably better than mine.

8 . The Phoenix Lights

In 1997, on two occasions in the same day, numerous suns were find flying/ floating overPhoenix, Arizona. At 7:30 PM, a triangular formation of suns was ensure flying over the city and, at 10 PM, hundreds of photographs and videos were taken of a group of stationary lights floating over Phoenix.

The air-force initially had no commentaries but later said that it was a training exercising where multiple flares were dropped. Eyewitness confirmed this but some still disagreed.

Claims came in that it was in fact one huge, v-shaped aircraft so big that it blocked out the stars above. Evena former Air Force captain, said, Im a pilot and I know just about every machine that flies ,[…] i t was bigger than anything that Ive ever seen. It remains a great mystery .

11. The Skunk Ape

The skunk ape is the name given to a beast similar to the( equally mythical) Sasquatch. There have been the reporting of the animal exclusive to the American( amaze astonish) Southeast from as early as the mid 19 th century. The reports say that the creature is huge, hairy and be permitted to flee promptly with its footprints measuring 14 inches long.

In 1997, the myth was brought back to life as multiple sightings were reported in Florida as well as photographs taken that were promptly rejected as fakes.

Then, in 2000, a woman sent photographs of an “escaped ape” toSarasota County Sheriffs Department after it had been stealing apples from her garden. She had no idea of the Skunk Ape myth and just assumed there was an ape on the loose…

12. The Solway Firth Spaceman

On May 23, 1964, Jim Templeton, a firefighter from Carlisle, Cumberland, in England took his wife and daughters to a green on the coast. He took a three pictures of one of his daughters, Elizabeth, without incident and sent them to Kodak to be developed.

When he got the photos back, however, he was shocked to see a unusual figure in the background of the second scene- one that didn’t was contained in either of the other photos. He confirmed that no-one else was around so it couldn’t have been a passerby.

The photos were sent to many photograph experts as well as Kodak but they all came back with the same outcomes- there were no issues with the photos or the camera. Kodak offered a reward of a year’s free cinema to anyone who could crack the example but, since then, it’s still not been claimed.

13. The Tulip staircase ghost

In 1966, Reverend Ralph Hardy from British Columbia took a photo of a spiraling staircase in theNational Maritime Museum in Greenwich, England. He was there with his wife standing beside him at the time.

When he got the pictures developed, he noticed that there appeared to be a cloaked figure climbing the stairs with both hands on the railings. He and his wife had reaffirmed that no one was around at the time and , not only that, but, the staircase was also closed with a rope saying “no admittance”- so there you have it, ghosts are unruly.

Experts everywhere, like in the other cases, have all come to the conclusion that the image had still not been doctored.

Creepy, right?

Maybe not. There probably is an explanation for all of the pictures so before you get into the comments running “ how can you believe this shit !!! 11 !!! 1 n00b ! “, I don’t, it’s merely interesting, so don’t. What do you think? Let us know in specific comments !

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